There was a time when small or medium businesses used to work on their accounting software programs or applications that were installed on a desktop computer or business network within the office premises. With the advent of cloud computing, there is no more need of installing physical computer or setting up any other infrastructure. Cloud computing allows small or medium businesses to access the same accounting programs or applications from a cloud-based location using the internet. This cloud-based technology has completely redefined the landscape of accounting software, and this technology is here to stay for a longer period.

Most of the businesses around the world have either already hosted their accounting software to the cloud or are in the final stage of migrating to the cloud-based accounting software hosting. The cloud based accounting software enables businesses to perform their accounting related tasks from anywhere and anytime on updated accounting software with all the latest features.

Let us go ahead and have a look at the 5 top reasons that can compel you to make investments in switching your accounting software from the desktop to the cloud.

  1. Cloud-based accounting saves money and time

When you are using desktop based accounting software to manage the finances of your business, you have to deal with many things that come at a price such as licensing of software, annual maintenance costs, and up gradation of software and applications, etc. However, by opting for cloud-based accounting software, you can save on all these costs and get whatever you need and whenever you need. To enjoy the benefits of cloud-based accounting software, you do not need any type of infrastructure, networking, hardware, software, etc. What you need is a mobile device that can be a tablet or smart phone with internet connectivity. So by opting for cloud accounting software, you not only save money but also precious time that can be consumed in the procurement and maintenance of any local infrastructure.

The option of cloud-based computing also allows you to work on the latest accounting software with recently added features and add-ons. You also save a considerable amount of money that is required for hiring a team of IT professionals for the management and maintenance of local infrastructure.

  1. Ease of collaboration

If you are taking the help of traditional accounting software to manage your business’ accounting related tasks, you require a dedicated workforce to perform manual tasks such as entry of data, doing calculations in worksheets to get the required output data. A lot of time is consumed in this whole manual exercise, and by the time the final output comes, there are chances that the data becomes out of date. With the use of cloud-based accounting software, you are just a click away from the most recent and real-time data. Apart from this, you get the flexibility to access this real-time data from anywhere, at anytime, and from any mobile device with internet connectivity.

With cloud hosted accounting software, you can also have an eye on the data stored on the accounting software. Whatever changes or additions are made, you will be aware of all. The best thing about cloud-based accounting software is collaboration which means that you can grant permission to many users to access the accounting software on cloud. With many users working on the same data, this feature can be quite useful in preparing updated and error-free accounting reports. You can add or delete any particular user whenever you feel so.

  1. Security of data stored on the cloud

Many businesses are reluctant in adopting this cloud-based accounting software to manage the finances of their company just because they are concerned about the safety of their business’ sensitive data. But it has been proved and endorsed by many business organizations that the option of storing data on cloud is safer than in-house storage. The third-party cloud hosting service providers have deployed many high standard security practices such as data encryption technology, password protection, firewall protection, etc. to safeguard your data on the cloud from others. All these security measures come at a price if you want to use them to safeguard the data stored in your office on desktop. Not a single trace of data remains on the mobile device of yours or the authorized multiple users if you or they are accessing the cloud-based accounting software from anywhere across the globe.

  1. Automated data backup

The cloud-based accounting comes with a feature that enables you to gain access to the data files and folders if they are accidentally deleted by you or any of the authorized users. With this unique feature called automatic data backup, you need not to take any manual backup of data. In other words, by opting for cloud-based hosting of accounting software you are nullifying the chances of any type of human error or natural disaster that might result in loss of data.

  1. Enjoy the latest features

Cloud-based hosting of accounting software enables you to enjoy all the latest features of the accounting software. You are saved from manually updating the software for which you have to also make sometimes payments. All the updates and upgrades are done automatically as and when they are required and that too free of cost. You are also saved from renewing the license of accounting software as required in the case of desktop based accounting software. Cloud-based hosting of accounting software is scalable, which means that you can use it the way it is required by your business.

So what are you waiting for? Migrate your accounting software from the desktop to cloud for the success of your business, and we at QuickBooksCloud are always there to assist you in selecting the right cloud hosting service for your business. On the basis of your business size, type and needs, our QuickBooks Support Team can suggest you the best cloud accounting service. If you still have any doubt or query related to cloud computing, you can contact us at to know more about the benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting service.

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