QuickBooks for Mac, which is also known as QuickBooks Pro for Mac, is the desktop version of QuickBooks accounting software for the Mac operating system from Apple Inc. For Windows operating system, the desktop version of QuickBooks comes in three versions, whereas the desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac operating system is only one. So, if you are an owner of small or medium sized business and want to run the QuickBooks desktop version on your Mac-powered computer, you do not have any other choice as it comes in only one version. However, this does not mean that to manage the finances of your business you should choose QuickBooks accounting software only because others are using the same to manage their business’ accounts. You should know about all the pros and cons of any accounting software before opting it to manage the accounts of your business as accounting is a very critical and sensitive part of your business.

Overcoming the issues related to QuickBooks for Mac

Other small or medium business owners might have opted for QuickBooks for Mac just because a major part of their business related tasks are performed by hardware and software from the brand Apple or may be the owner of the company simply loves the user interface of Mac operating system. Whatever may be the reason for others to choose QuickBooks for Mac to manage their finances, there are chances that a Mac user too might come across any technical problem or issues while using the desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac.

You might face compatibility related issues while transferring company data files and folders from Windows to Mac powered system or vice versa. But you need not to worry about this compatibility issue as you can easily convert the files stored on QuickBooks for Mac for easy transfer to QuickBooks for Windows. The steps involved in the conversion of data files are very simple. First of all you are required to remove the special characters, delete all the caches, recreate the data file, run all the detailed reports, and then edit the memo areas before proceeding to the conversion process which involves 9 easy steps.

Benefits of cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Mac

Apart from the issue of compatibility of data while transferring data from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows, there are many other features that are not available on the Mac platform. You can perform many business accounting related tasks on QuickBooks for Mac such as using the payroll feature, generation of copy for accountant, feature of online payment of bills, enjoying the benefits of add-on applications, etc. In such a scenario, it is very important for you to look for some another option to manage your small or medium-sized business’ accounting. If you are not interested in migrating to other desktop-based accounting software then you are left with no other option than to utilize the cloud hosting services of accounting software offered by third-party service providers.


By utilizing the services of cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Mac, you will get rid of all the data compatibility related issues that you face while moving data from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows. The cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Mac accounting software will run with the same interface and features irrespective of what system or mobile device you are using to access the data on cloud. The cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Mac can be easily accessed on Mac, Windows or any other mobile operating system platform having internet connectivity without facing any data compatibility or sharing issue. You would not find a slight difference in the performance of QuickBooks for Mac when it is hosted on the cloud.

So, by now you might have got a better idea about the benefits of cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Mac. But as every technology has some pros and cons, we should have a quick look at the pros and cons of QuickBooks for Mac too. Here they are:

Plus points of QuickBooks for Mac

  • It enables ease of internet banking. No need for manual entry of minor transactions such as those related to credit card payments, debit card transactions, ATM transactions, etc. Every transaction will be updated automatically.
  • Ease of generating invoices for clients. You can even mention a link for payment on the invoice for the benefit of your customers and clients. This will speed up the flow of cash in your business.
  • By using the payroll feature of QuickBooks for Mac, you can save a considerable amount of money that goes in payment of accounting staff and procurement of stationery material etc.

Negative points of QuickBooks for Mac

  • You might have to take the help of any professional or expert to set up and configure the QuickBooks for Mac accounting software initially.
  • The payroll feature of QuickBooks for Mac has some limitations such as the Mac version of QuickBooks accounting software does not allows you to keep a tab on the costs involved in payment of wages.
  • You being the admin of the cloud-hosted QuickBooks for Mac accounting software, you have to be very cautious while authorizing persons who can use it.

If you still have any doubt regarding the functioning of QuickBooks for Mac, or about the advantages of using QuickBooks for Mac in the cloud, you can contact the experts at QuickBooksCloud247. Our QuickBooks experts can help you get rid of frustrating technical issues such as regular creation of data backup and updating the accounting software. We, at QuickBooksCloud247 have a dedicated team of experts in QuickBooks to help you get the most of this accounting software for the success of your business. You can reach out us at www.quickbookscloud247.com to know more about the benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting service.

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