Are you taking the help of cloud-based service or any server hosting to host your accounting software? Whatever is the case, the safety or easy recovery of your company data files and folders is very important for your business in case of any eventuality. If you are using a cloud-based hosting service to host your accounting software, you can also use the cloud as a part of your business’ disaster recovery plan. This can be done by creating a data recovery platform on the world of web. This web platform can be accessed if the centralized data storage location of your business is damaged or destroyed due to any natural disaster or untoward incident.

However, the selection of the right disaster recovery plan for your business can be a time-consuming task and costly exercise too. Therefore, you should keep in mind the needs of your business while choosing the right disaster recovery plan for your business. You should also try to figure out that how you and your business are going to affect in the case of any disaster. By putting the disaster recovery platform on the cloud, you can minimize the risks involved with it. As more and more businesses are taking the route of cloud to achieve success in their businesses, it becomes very important to know about cloud-based disaster recovery plans.

Before moving ahead with choosing the right disaster recovery plan for your business, you must understand the important features of cloud-based disaster recovery options. Here are the major benefits of using cloud-hosted disaster recovery plans:

Quicker recovery of data

In case of any natural or man-made disaster, the process of recovering the lost data using the traditional recovery methods can take a long time. It can take many days or sometimes weeks to recover the data using the traditional methods. However, in case of recovering the lost data using any of the cloud-based disaster recovery plans, it takes just a few hours. In the case of cloud-based disaster recovery plans, you can recover the complete server that includes the operating system, software, applications, etc. in addition to the lost data. In cloud-based disaster recovery plans, the process taking back up involves creation of a virtual server of the entire server. Businesses just need to copy this virtual server from the virtual host in case they need to recover the data. The whole process of recovery is just a matter of few minutes.

Cost effective

The cloud-based disaster recovery plans are very cost effective as here you need to just pay only for what you have stored on the cloud. This enables you to choose what to store and what not to store. You have the flexibility to decide what data is important for your business and what can bring your business to a standstill if it is lost. So you do not require storing a large amount of company data files and folders while using cloud-based disaster recovery plans. In other words, you can easily increase or decrease the capacity of storing data on the cloud as per the demands of your business. If you need more data storage capacity, you can get the required storage space at a reasonable price.

Secure environment

There are many myths related to the security of data on a cloud. However, one should keep in mind that the third-party cloud-based hosting service providers are leaving no stone unturned in providing the best possible safe and secure environment to their clients. They are utilizing the best security measures such as data encryption, password protection, firewall protection, etc. to offer best security standards. You should also ask as many as questions before taking the services of any third-party that offers cloud-based disaster recovery plans. If you are taking the services of any particular cloud service provider to host your production website then it is recommended to opt for the cloud-based disaster recovery plan of that particular service provider only as this will ensure a better understanding between both of you.

If you have made up your mind or still contemplating over the idea of migrating to a cloud-based disaster recovery plan, it is very important to go through all the key considerations that we have discussed and explained above. If you have any doubt or query regarding choosing the right cloud-based disaster recovery plan for your small or medium sized business, you can contact us at Our QuickBooks Support Team can help you decide and choose the best cloud-based data backup service for your business by understanding your business requirements. You can also contact our QuickBooks tech experts to know more about cloud-based disaster recovery plans. Apart from this, our tech experts can also help you in resolving any technical issue that you might face while migrating from the desktop environment to the cloud.

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